Download MossWinn 4.0 Demo



The demonstration version of MossWinn 4.0 allows one to try and evaluate version 4.0 of the MossWinn program by using selected Mossbauer spectra (demo spectra) offered by the program for this purpose. This version will not load or handle properly other data files, even if they are derivatives of the demo spectra. If such a (non-demo) spectrum is loaded by the program, then a W shaped feature will appear in the place of the spectrum graph. In order to evaluate the program via the demonstration version, proceed as follows.

  • Download the compressed folder containing the demonstration version. (Click with the right mouse button and select Save Link As....)
  • From the downloaded file extract the folder MossWinn 4.0 Demo to a hard drive of your PC.
  • Locate and run the executable MossWinn 4.0 demo.exe inside the extracted folder, and follow the instructions.
  • Download the manual, visit the online help page, or check out the video tutorials of the MossWinn program for detailed information.

Some features, and notably those being offered as part of the MossWinn Services, may not be available in the Demo version of the software.

The recommended operating systems for MossWinn 4.0 are MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

In case you encounter problems while running the demonstration version of MossWinn 4.0, please, contact the author via

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